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My childhood

During my childhood, I spent all my summer days in my grandparent’s small village in Poland, where my days were filled with laughter and adventure, exploring the outside world with my little sister and all the neighborhood kids.  We would run around in the beautiful meadows, playing games all day and inventing new ones, enjoying taking care of the farm animals – feeding (and chasing) the chickens and picking eggs to bring them to the house for grandma to make our favorite dishes.  We went swimming and fishing in the near river – my grandpa’s favorite.  We picked fresh blueberries and raspberries, climbed all the trees in sight in competition to see who could climb up the highest. We helped our grandparents in the garden, went to gather the coal needed for the old fashioned cooking stove still used by my grandma and collected water from the well, as making the most creative sounds down the endless echoing tunnel of the well!  In the evenings, we helped to bring in all the cows from the field, we often times helped our grandma milk them, as battling my sister for the first sip of the warm milk!  At the end of every day, we came home absolutely exhausted and hungry, covered from head to toe in the remains of whatever nature exploration we endured for the day, ready to hear grandpa’s bedtime stories.  Now every time I return to Poland to my grandparent’s village, I am reminded of my roots, of the adventure of my childhood days and the beauty of such natural, simple yet wondrous days.  There is absolutely nothing like it. The following photos are of my childhood village and of my 82 year old grandma who to this day, enjoys the simple pleasures, joys and magic of everyday life.


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